Monet in the Garden!

Today we will be exploring our own backyards for some plein air painting and inspiration. Plein Air just means painting outside! Claude Monet was an impressionist painter. The impressionists were a group of artists who painted with small, thin brushstrokes. Although each line is thin, impressionists usually applied the paint thickly to their canvas. For this project you can use paint, paint sticks or oil pastels!

Impressionists were interested in capturing the feeling of light. Look at these paintings and talk a little bit about the light you see, what time of day do you think it is and how do you know? Throughout the day today, notice how the light changes. Which colors would you use to paint a sunny day? Would you choose different colors to paint a rainy day?

Download PDF • 1.74MB

Use this printable to get you started. Using crayons, oil pastels or a paint brush, practice similar brush strokes. Then create your own, original painting in your backyard!

Here is some inspiration from my own backyard! I chose to paint it in the morning because I like how the light comes through the trees.

The most important thing to remember is that Monet's intention was to paint and capture light. Have fun using paint or other materials and figuring out how to paint LIGHT! Experiment and don't be worried too much about making a perfect landscape, let your own style shine! When you watch my video notice my quick, short brush strokes and my use of the color yellow throughout the painting.

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