James Rizzi Cities

James Rizzi is a American Pop Artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His neighborhood of tall buildings, busy streets, taxi cabs etc, can be seen in many of his colorful paintings.  The fun, happy buildings with bright, bold colors and sharp black outlines are so fun to recreate!

Here is an examples of his work!

1.) Start by using a pencil to draw at least 5-9 buildings. Your artwork will be more eye catching if some of the buildings overlap. You can make simple rectangles or you can make them more complex.

2.) Add funny faces to some of the buildings!

3.) Add fun features such as windows, doors, sun and moon! When you have your design drawn in pencil, outline in sharpie or black marker.

Use markers, crayons, paint or colored pencil to add some color to your drawing!

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