Bugs In The Garden!

Today we are going to explore our backyards! If you have a good place to explore, go on a nature walk! Look for bugs, plants, flowers and animals. Print out your jar or draw your own and draw everything you see in your jar!

Our focus is SYMMETRY. Here is a print out on symmetry. When you find an object talk about whether it is symmetrical (the same on both sides) or asymmetrical.

Use either of these printable sheets to prompt your child to draw what they see. Encourage them to draw their own jar, but this one can be used for younger children. Draw a bigger version of one of the bugs in the magnifying glass.

You can print any of these to assist your child in drawing their bugs! If you have any books or magazines with images of insects, those are helpful too! It is good to encourage them to draw from real life and not just from memory.

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